Criticism of UKIP regarding council tax is ‘inaccurate’

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EDITOR - I write in reply to the letter of Michael May of last week.

There is a slight problem with his statement regarding the council tax in Ramsey, because it is inaccurate political spin.

In UKIP’s first years of office in control of the council, there was a rise in council tax, but this was caused by the previous Conservative council that had raised that year’s precept to 28% prior to UKIP taking control of the council.

UKIP actually froze the precept following on from this because they took on a huge number of district and county council services that were going to be shut down.
These included the CCTV, youth clubs, invested in new highways infrastructure (maintained roads without pot holes, now that would be a nice experience for Lincolnshire residents, the area had been neglected for over ten years) and tree maintenance.

They also organised community events, new Christmas lights, opened an indoor/outdoor market/community arcade, new local play equipment, two outdoor gyms and have since reduced the precept which has reduced council tax.

UKIP have built a vibrant fit for purpose community which embraces the challenges of the UK’s current economic situation.

Regarding the costing of council tax, half of our council tax goes to the EU as we pay landfill tax on average of £3 million per council (we are paying tax to bury our own rubbish in the UK), the other half goes to pay gold-plated pensions of our council officials.

UKIP policies include cutting tax and business rates, opposing wind farms, cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour (zero tolerance on crime), more police on the streets and cutting council executives and managers, not front-line services.

We would control immigration, increase decision-making in local communities, and make sure money is for local services, not the EU.

We would also properly maintain roads, cut councillors’ allowances and expenses, limit the number of high paid council employees, restrict the councils’ advertising and self promotion budgets, sell surplus council land, and abolish non-essential and politically correct positions & red tape, leave the EU and save millions every day.

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Chris Pain

UKIP Boston/Skegness Chairman,