‘Criticism of SO Festival was bizarre’

EDITOR - I can inform Mr Gabbitas (in last week’s letter) that SO stands for ‘Skegness Organises’ and as a volunteer at this year’s event I thought they did a terrific job.

Of course, not everything will have been to everyone’s taste, but that is the nature of an arts festival and the organisers did their best to cater for all ages - and most of it was free.

I am not sure what peddlers specifically have to do with how the SO Festival was organised and received.

Indeed it’s a very bizarre criticism to level at it whilst praising the Illuminations, as they would in all likelihood also have been present during the switch-on.

I think it was right to separate the two events this year, as they both have a distinctive flavour.

I can’t quite understand what exactly it is that Mr Gabbitas is objecting to with regard to the SO Festival.

Skegness needs to move with the times, which is why the Festival came into being, but Mr Gabbitas is obviously stuck in the 1950s.

BEN PEEL, Seacroft Esplanade