Consultant money could be better spent

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EDITOR - It seems like the council is at it again, with regards to the plan for the foreshore.

They have now gone to consultants Roger and Tym, from London, at the cost of £20,000.

Its recommendation is to zone the foreshore into sections.

Two years ago, they did the same thing at a cost of £30,000. I would like to know where they get the money from, considering that they have cut down on manual staff, ie gardeners and litter pickers, who have to now do the gardens as well as their own job.

Surely, we don’t need consultants, we must have our own planners in the council, or are they just glorified pen pushers?

All this money could be spent on doing the foreshore by these supposed-to-be brains of the council.

It’s about time the council understood they are public servants and they are there to serve the people of Skegness.

The councillors should get off their backsides and work for the town.


Dorothy Avenue