‘Compass is saving money’

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EDITOR - In last week’s paper there was a letter expressing confusion about Compass Point Business Services; if it helps readers I hope I can answer the questions raised.

The Company is saving ratepayers’ money and will save £2.1m this financial year and £30m altogether over 10 years of operating.

Last year both East Lindsey District Council and South Holland District Council set up a local authority controlled shared services company to provide ICT, HR, Finance, Customer Services, Revenues and Benefits back to the two councils.

Its purpose is to provide five services back to the two councils at a cheaper cost than the councils previously spent and that’s exactly what it’s doing; in 2010/11 it cost the two councils £10m plus for these five services – in 2011/12 it’s costing £2.1m less; and it will cost less next year too – again providing money for frontline council services.

The councils did this to save money and help protect key frontline services. It is a jointly owned company, formed legally and audited independently. Other councils across the country are also sharing services to reduce costs; and the company is talking with other councils about how we could work with them in the future.

So, far from costing the ratepayer more it’s saving the ratepayer money.


Chair of the Board

CPBS (East Coast) Ltd