‘Community to rescue?’

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EDITOR – Can anybody please tell me how many people have needed a bus service from Skegness to Ingoldmells up the coast to Mablethorpe on a Sunday and in the evenings in the week?

They tell you to get out of your car and use public transport, well let’s find out the numbers that need this service.

I am sure that a mini bus could do say a late run in the week and say four trips on a Sunday.

Now people are told to find jobs say at Tesco or Morrisons and now they can’t get there - come on local groups, local forum groups and the local parish council, we can’t just sit back and see local people back on the benefit trap because we can’t get a very small bus service in season.

Everybody and his mate has a bus running round, then why can’t they help out of season?

Maurice Darnell