Choose road gritting priorities sensibly

Editor - May I firstly commend the teams that have been out day and night gritting our roads – as always, they do a great job.

All towns and villages have roads that are not treated that they would like to see gritted, and we have to accept that, although an examination of the criteria the County Council uses baffles me.

For example, they score the same number of points to a road, if there is only one bus a day in the afternoon when the weather has probably improved, exactly the same as if there are dozens of buses on a road, and they start running early in the morning, for commuters, etc, when ice is more prevalent.

However setting that on one side there is one omission in our area that is inexcusable and beggars belief. Given the fact there are no trains north of Skegness up the coast, the Interconnect bus route is the vital link for non car owners between Skegness and Mablethorpe, also to such places as Louth and Alford, as well as providing public transport through the villages to doctors’ surgeries, the hospital, town shops, etc.

Gritting of the route goes as far as halfway through Chapel St Leonards and then remains ungritted for some two kilometres until it rejoins the A52 in Hogsthorpe – thus breaking the chain of safety for no obvious reason, leaving a dangerous section for bus drivers to negotiate.

The County Council have told me they do not regard our ‘Interconnect route’ as important enough to grit along its entire length and instead treat each road on its merits – yet they grit one end but not the other end of the same road!

For residents in Chapel St Leonards there is a line straight across the road which means that if you live one side you are gritted, but if you live next door you remain iced up.

Similarly, drivers meet this line with no warning whatsoever. It is ice rather than snow on the road.

Hogsthorpe Parish Council is fighting to get this position changed, and has urged other councils in the area to support this.

Residents may also wish to make their opinions known. The East Coast loses out enough to Lincoln and the west side of the county, in terms of health funding and worse, without having the major bus service ignored in this way.

Richard Enderby