‘Buses and taxis are clogging up busy roads’

EDITOR - On Wednesday, June 29, I was driving along the seafront, north parade, towards the Clock Tower.

Up ahead, outside the Embassy Theatre, the road was down to single lane in both ways, with many annoyed motorists, including myself, in a queue of traffic, all wanting to use the single lane.

The reason was clear to see. Thirteen buses outside the Embassy. Thirteen buses double parked from Bottons water slide to the Clock Tower.

Not only double parked, but double parked on zig-zags for pedestrian crossing, and also parked on the crossing itself.

On the other side of the road was a line of six or seven taxis on double yellow lines, parked in the hope of a fare.

On Lumley Road, I flagged down a community police car with two officers on board, and asked why they don’t do something about it.

They said they were aware of the problem, but there was nothing they could do.

I’m willing to bet if I stopped on zig-zags on Lumley Road to use the cashpoint, that by the time I got back to my car, the lawa would be there, waiting with points and wanting pounds, whatever time of day or night.

The police say there is nothing they can do, or do they mean it’s difficult to deal with, so they turn a blind eye, thinking it’s not there, we’ll all stay the other end of town.

Or is it one law for buses and taxis in this town, and another law for everyone else?

Maybe it will take a serious accident to get the law interested. Even then I doubt the bus and taxi drivers will get the blame.