‘Bus service vital for community’

EDITOR - For some time I have wondered how long it would be before we would have another letter printed by the local voice of the Tory party.

On November 23 there it was, Coun Colin Davie making his comments about the local bus services.

How long since you rode on a bus Mr Davie?

Residents not as prosperous as you Mr Davie use this service to return home from work at night.

Writing to the local MP I consider could be a waste of time.

He also represents this area for this Tory party. I don’t think he would offer much sympathy.

Where is Mark Simmonds by the way?

Don’t seem to see or read much about him?

Speaking to a local taxi driver I said to him ‘Bet you are rubbing your hands now there are no buses’.

He replied, ‘Not really, no-one is coming into town’.

It’s bad news for such as the Embassy Theatre.

So the last government bankrupted the country, claims Mr Davie.

In reply this government seems to continually attack the poor and vulnerable while allowing the bankers to retain their massive bonuses.

Nothing new from your party Mr Davie!