British Korean Veterans Appeal

EDITOR - The British Korean Veterans association is trying to contact former members of HM Armed Forces who served in Korea/Japan from 1950-53 and also those servicemen and women who served in these two places at a later date with the Peace Keeping Force 1953-57.

Acting on behalf of the authorities at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea, where over 800 British Servicemen are at rest.

The authorities wish to obtain photographs of those servicemen interred there and also those who died but have no known grave. These photographs will be attached to their records and also displayed in the cemetary hall of rememberance.

The following are just a few of the young men from Lincolnshire who gave their lives in Korea. L/Cpl.Cecil Sharpe; Rfn.Lawrence Bell; 2nd.Lt.John.R.K.Doig; Lt.Richard.J.Overton(RN); MNE.Reuben Nicholls (RM); PTE.Eric Walker; Kgn.Arnold Ireton; FUS.Charles.H.Buckthorpe.

Any family who lost a loved one in the Korean War 1950-53 and wishes to take part can send the photograph to the address below, or contact by phone for further details.

A SAE would be much appreciated for return correspondence.

This appeal includes former members of the Merchant Navy, NAAFI, Red Cross and WRVS.

Contact: James R. Grundy

102 College Croft, Eccles

Greater Manchester, M30 0AN

Tel: 0161 789 7633

(For servicemen/women interred at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan)

or Contact: Brian Hough Esq

116 Fields Farm Road



Cheshire, SK14 3NP

(For servicemen/women serving in Korea/Japan 1950-53, also 1953-1957 in the Peace Keeping Force; including members of the Merchant Navy, NAAFI, Red Cross and WRVS).