‘Bring back town’s Christmas tree’

EDITOR - What are they going to take away next?

I read your article in the standard dated 26th october with the head line “Christmas tree Cancellation”, with sadness.

A Christmas tree has been in lumley square as long as I can remember but unfortunately it sounds like Scrooge has come to town this year, because there will be no tree this year due to Lincolnshire County Council aptly forgetting to fit a spare electric socket when they changed the traffic signals.

As the tree has been erected there for many years it seems a bit odd they forgot to put in an extra power supply for the tree.

It’s a bit like making a sandwich and forgetting the bread.

he Mayor and the LCC may fool some of us but not all of us.

The article then went on to say that the change in the traffic signals is why we have lost the power supply to the tree was to leviate traffic in the town.

I assume in peak times yes, but as we all know Christmas is in winter so therefore we could change the signals back as traffic is far less in off peak times in the town. This would free up this elusive spare electric socket.

Please Mr Mayor and LCC do not insult my inteligence any more and put the tree back.

Yours not very merry


Winston Drive