‘Brass nerve’ over plan for referendum

EDITOR - I endorse the comments in Carl Macey’s letter last week.

The majority group on Skegness Town Council took the decision to spend over £140,000 on the Sunshine play area in 2009 and proposed, this time last year, an increase of nearly 50% in the budget for the year to 31st March 2011.

They said it was needed “to replace the sums spent on the play area and to allow funds to take on other responsibilities that might be passed over by ELDC.”

They settled for an increase of 25%.

Having obtained this extra money from us over the past year, you would have expected the budget for the coming year to be reduced because this extra money should not now be needed.

But no – they have proposed a further, small, increase with the result that they are collecting the extra money again.

And they have the brass nerve to refuse to decide to spend £40,000 (less than one third of the money they spent 18 months ago), which they claim, without justification, will need a 17% increase in the council tax.

Instead they propose to waste “thousands of pounds” on a referendum, which they do not need as they are all up for re-election in May and could canvass opinions during the election process.

Could it be that they do not want to be seen to be substantially increasing the council tax, yet again, just before the election?

Michael May

Algitha Road