‘Blame environment agency for tax hikes’

Editor - The latest subject to come out into the open is that council tax should go up by 20 per cent.

That’s an increase of one fifth on people’s council tax to help maintain flood defence along the coast, meaning that people who live along the coast must pay the extra money.

It’s ironic when you consider that the Environment Agency is paid £85 million over five years to prevent flooding.

It costs £6million this year to dredge sand off the sea bed to put on the beach between Mablethorpe and Trunch Lane.

Why? It’s a waste of money due to the fact that the tides from north to south deposit all the sand at Skegenss.

This year it resulted in a high spring tide on November 27 which brought all the sand up over the walkways and paths and it did not stop the water flooding of Gibraltar Point or coming up to the flood gates at Skegness.

The Environment Agency said it takes the power out of the waves by doing this. That’s a load of rubbish, so if your council tax goes up next year don’t blame the council, blame the Environment Agency for not thinking this method out.

It will not matter to them, they live inland so it won’t affect them and the government could not care less.

But if there’s an earthquake somewhere we will send money to them but they will not bother about us.

M Gabbitas

Dorothy Avenue