Bird and dog mess a disgrace

EDITOR - Does any councillor get out of the office and look around Skegness?

I ask because on Thursday I went into Skegness to do my weekly shop and I was disgusted and dismayed at the state of Lumley Avenue.

The pavements were covered in bird droppings and outside Bon Marche was spread large amounts of dog mess.

The bird droppings were spread over large areas of pavement outside shops - including food shops.

Whatever happened to pavement cleaning?

This used to be a regular practise, but now it seems that it doesn’t matter that people are entitled to a clean and hygenic environment.

Instead of trying to think up grand and expensive schemes for Lumley Avenue why not just clean it up?

Get rid of the trees that the birds roost in - I know that avenues are supposed to have trees, but it isn’t a law and not set in stone - and get the pavement cleaning machine out of mothballs.

I dread to think what diseases a child could catch if they fell into all of that bird mess.

It’s disgusting and unecessary to leave our pavements like this, and so easy to remedy - even if it’s only a once-a-month cleaning it would go a long way to make the town more pleasant for locals and visitors.

And it would look like someone cares enough to do something sensible and useful for a change.


Stones Close, Hogsthorpe