‘Beach litter-bugs make me feel like giving up on Skegness’

EDITOR - What a beautiful Sunday afternoon last week. It was just right for a stroll along the beach from Winthorpe towards Jackson’s Point.

The problem is we ended up spending a good half-hour picking up bottles that some inconsiderate person had left on the beach obviously after a great get together.

We managed 28 bottles between us, loading them into the dog pooh bags we had in our pockets. At least the same amount were left on the beach. I am sure they will still be there for us to move on our next visit in a couple of weeks, I dare say no one else cares enough to move them.

To make matters worse we encountered the disgusting sight of bags of dog poo left by owners.

I feel like giving up on Skegness as much as I love the place.

Can I appeal to people who use the beach to take their litter home, and other beach users, if you see rubbish dont just walk past it, pick it up. By doing so you may be saving the life of a marine animal and also making our environment so much better.


Skegness Sands