Anglian Water thanks public for ‘restraint’

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EDITOR - I’d like to thank your readers for their patience and understanding during the recent hosepipe ban.

When the ban started in April, it was the first in our region for more than 20 years and was imposed in response to truly exceptional circumstances. We had just been through the driest 18 months in a century, with two dry winters denying us the water needed to replenish rivers, reservoirs and aquifers.

Since then there has been a dramatic change, with April proving to be the wettest in our 113-year records. Some parts of our region had three times the average rainfall and May and June have continued cool and wet. As a result, rivers’ flows have recovered and reservoirs that were almost half empty in the spring are now more than 90 per cent full.

However, not all of the region’s underground aquifers have recovered and some are unlikely to do so without a good winter of rain.

That’s why we are continuing to do what we can to save water, installing meters and water efficiency devices in customers’ homes, improving our ability to store and move water around the region and finding and fixing leaks.

Our summer water-saving campaign, Drop 20, has also begun, encouraging our 4.4 million water customers to reduce the water they use by 20 litres, or two bucketfuls, a day.

I have no doubt some of your readers will have found the ban difficult and frustrating. I am grateful to them for sticking with us and observing the restrictions. Together with the rain, their restraint has made a real difference; it led to a huge fall in the amount of water we needed to supply and helped stores to recover.


Managing Director

Anglian Water