Anderby has shown that it has a backbone in windfarm struggle

EDITOR - It has been three weeks since the public inquiry into the Anderby wind farm proposal.

As chair of the Anderby Wind Farm Action Group, may I take this opportunity through your paper to thank all those who have helped bring together and present our case to protect an area of Lincolnshire that is potentially being engulfed by the windfarm industry?

We are all aware of the enormous changes going on around us and many in the county feel that we, in Lincolnshire, have been a target of what many see as a misguided initiative handed down to this government from the previous incumbents.

However that is not an excuse to carry it on.

The Anderby Windfarm Action Group felt a duty to protect the hidden gem around the coastal conservation area and coastal country park, not only for our community, but also for a community that is spread across the country, who come together regularly to enjoy the coast and countryside.

Families from the Midlands, Yorkshire, and now due to the splendid efforts of several local residents who are providing excellent holiday homes, families from the South, Holland and Germany are now joining us for their holiday break.

Had we not taken action and not presented our case to the public inquiry I am sure they would have wondered if Anderby was without a backbone. I am sure you will agree we do have a backbone, and it is a strong one.


Anderby Windfarm Action Group