‘Academy trip has many benefits for students’

EDITOR - In today’s society, education is not all about taking notes and analysing statistics, it is also about participating in new experiences and extracting from them certain qualities that will be crucial in later life.

Skegness Academy is giving us the opportunity to do this by taking a select few students to New York.

As much as teenagers are usually stereotyped into being ill-mannered and disrespectful, the students that have been chosen to participate in this fantastic opportunity have been selected for a reason.

They are generally motivated, respectful and punctual and have worked hard throughout their educational careers. Although this trip is being portrayed as a ‘luxury holiday’, the students will be residing in a YMCA hostel.

It is not intended to give us a break, it is a chance to let us witness first-hand other cultures, to learn about architecture, terrorism, politics and the multitude of other educational qualities New York has to offer.

As the Academy has already done so much to aid every single student to a better education, it is hard to see how this trip is a ‘waste of money’ with so many possible benefits for the students involved.

Bonnie Simpson

Skegness Academy