‘A vote for UKIP is a vote to take the UK further to the right’

EDITOR - I would rather vote for one of the ‘failed’ old parties (Robin Hunter-Clarke’s letter ‘Legitimate opposition to Tories’ in last week’s Standard) than vote for UKIP who in the first line of their description include the disclaimer; “Libertarian, non-racist party seeking Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union”.

What party other than one that does attract people of the extreme right with racist and xenophobic views would feel the need to have that statement?

A vote for UKIP is a vote for a party who have time and time again demonstrated themselves to be homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic and climate change deniers.

The Sunday Mirror ran a report recently where they logged into UKIP’s official online “members ­forum” and exposed offensive opinions on issues ranging from gay marriage to bogus links between ­homosexuals and ­paedophilia.

One member complained about the impact of immigration on the NHS, writing: “I am informed by past media that Black Caribbean and not Black African have a higher instance of schizophrenia. I wonder if this is due to inbreeding on these small islands in slave times or is it due to ­smoking grass.”

Similarly the New Statesman also ran an article where UKIP’s members condemned themselves with their own words and actions with Nigel Farage refusing to oppose moves for the European Union to fund the BNP.

Nigel Farage, claims he is alone in wanting to fight for Britain’s interests in the EU, and despite bemoaning the amount of taxpayers’ money going to the EU, boasts about having claimed up to two million in expenses out of taxpayers money, and presides over a party three of whose representatives have the worst attendance record of any British MEPs.

These are just a few examples of the kind of people UKIP attracts.

Their other manifesto policies on such issues on education and climate change would return us to the 1950s, which is where I suspect most UKIP supporters would feel most comfortable.

Neither Robin Hunter-Clarke nor Chris Pain seem willing to address the serious issues outlined above but instead concentrate on banging on about immigration and leaving the EU.

There is a serious debate to be had there but a vote for UKIP in any election is a vote to drag this country both to the intolerant right and backwards to a decidedly non-libertarian era and therefore it is a wasted protest vote for a ridiculous pathetic party.

Ben Peel