Youngsters help out to keep coast clean and clear for all

YOUNG volunteers will be lending a hand to keep to region’s beaches clean and pathways clear of sand for the community to enjoy.

Paul Marhsall’s Coastal Access For All campaign has recruited a dedicated army of youngsters from local schools and youth groups to assist in his ongoing task. He said: “Hopefully this will be the most successful part of the project so far - Up to 50 youngsters are going to be involved with beach cleaning and pathway clearing throughout the season.

“It should be a really good experience for them and will demonstrate that the youth of Skegness are really caring and want to get involved with their community.”

Paul has scheduled three operations to take place throughout the season starting on Saturday with a week-long assault, clearing litter from Skegness Beach and removing sand and buckthorn from the pathways so that mobility scooters and wheelchairs can travel unrestricted along the coast.

Cadets, scouts, youth club members and Skegness Grammar School students will be helping out and will receive a certificate for their efforts to include in their CVs or university applications.

As well as clearing rubbish and debris from the paths, they will be keeping an eye out for potential hazards which they will alert the relevant authorities to so they can remove it without putting the youngsters at risk.

Paul has been battling to improve coastal access for all for the past three years and has already achieved a great deal in this time.

He said: “When we started could hardly get anywhere along the coast, there were areas that were completely blocked off with sand and buckthorn. The project has made a vast difference already and we are hoping the young people will help keep it clear for everyone to use. “