Young people ‘risking their lives’ by ‘free running’ in Skegness

Police news.
Police news.

Police in Skegness are warning young people about the dangers of ‘free running’.

In recent weeks, police have received reports of youths scaling security fencing and using fire escapes to access roofs in the town then proceeding to run along the roofs, jumping gaps between buildings.

Individuals have been seen on top of premises in Lumley Road, High Street, at the old job centre on Briar Way, and occasionally on the roof of the derelict Kwik Save building in Old Wainfleet Road. Those concerned have filmed themselves and posted the videos on social media.

PCSO Dave Bunker said: “Our primary concern is the safety of those participating in this risky activity. Some of these buildings are three-storeys high and others are in a poor state of repair so the dangers are significant.

“In addition to risking their lives, these youths may also be committing criminal offences, particularly if damage is caused to premises.

“CCTV coverage in the town is good and there is every likelihood that those engaging in this hazardous activity will be identified through this, or even via their own social media posts. Our stern warning is that this is not a sport, it is dangerous anti-social behaviour, and in some instances is illegal.”

Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity of this nature is asked to contact police immediately on 101.