YEARLY REVIEW - FEBRUARY: Millions of pounds set to be spent in the area

Lumley Road potholes. EMN-141223-122613001
Lumley Road potholes. EMN-141223-122613001

An optimistic February saw work begin on part of a 40-acre Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park.

The area between Sandilands, Huttoft and Chapel St Leonard’s was landscaped to provide a perfect environment for wading birds, and 
areas fenced off for livestock and new pathways 

l Millions of pounds was set to be spent in the area. £4 million was pledged to be spent on local roads, and the coast from Skegness to Mablethorpe 
was given an extra 
£5 million to sure-up sea defences.

l Mayor of Spilsby Peter Grant welcomed the installation of extra CCTV cameras in the town in a bid to help clamp down on anti-social behaviour.

l Works to the wave sculptures outside Skegness Railway Station were complete after part of the £750,000 development was boarded up for almost two years .

This followed injuries sustained by a teenager climbing upon them 
when it was originally unveiled.

l Watch keepers from the National Costwatch Institution’s look-out tower at Winthorpe Avenue were looking for a new home as an agreement with the landlord of the building housing the tower could not be 

They kept temporary watch in cars on the beach.