Year in Review: July

A shot from the Roman Festival.
A shot from the Roman Festival.

Burgh le Marsh was invaded by Romans when historical re-enactors set up camp in the paddock behind the windmill as part of the town’s annual Festival weekend.

There were demonstrations of everyday life with traditional food of the period.

There was also a demonstration of a pagan burial and a march up to Tinkers Green, where four centuries of uniforms and artillery were highlighted - including a ballister used for hurling stones, or in this case grapefruit and oranges.

There was also a children’s Roman costume competition.

The event was held in conjunction with Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes and Heritage Lincolnshire.


The winners of the annual Standard Champions awards were revealed.

The richly-deserving nominees and winners picked up their awards at a glittering ceremony in Butlins.

The overall winner of 2012’s Standard Champions awards was Skegness Hospital Watch’s Geoff Poulter (pictured right).

He was picked from among the winners of the individual categories by the award’s main sponsor - Centrica - who said that the standard of the awards was so high that choosing just one winner was very, very difficult indeed.

Centrica’s development manager, Kit Hawkins, said: “It was a very hard job for us at Centrica to be able to select just one overall winner from all of the nominees - they were all so worthy of the top prize.

“We chose Geoff for his exceptional dedication to the community and it is both an honour and a privilege to support such an important event,” he added.

Results - Overall Winner - Geoff Poulter; - Youth Achiever - Winner, Starr Halley; highly-commended, Mariah Tomey and Tammy Heath; Sportsperson Award - Winner, Heather Downs; highly-commended, Paula and Marcia Smith; Carer Award - Winner, Sarah Barker, highly-commended, Carol Bell; Top Teacher - Winner, Gareth Smith; highly-commended, Steve Lowndes; Community Spirit - Winner, Geoff Poulter; highly-commended, Pat and Elsie Ellis; Salty’s Child Achiever - Winner, Amie Austin; highly-commended, Molly Hunter-Clarke; Senior Achiever - Winner, Derek Johnson; highly-commended, Winston Moses; Customer Care - Winner, Patricia Heeley, highly-commended, Angelene Handley, Ben Walker.


A teenage patient was ‘absolutely horrified’ when she was asked to lie on a hospital trolley, still speckled with the fresh blood of its previous occupant.

Gemma Gray, from Burgh le Marsh, was taken to Boston Pilgrim Hospital at around 9.30pm on Tuesday, July 3, suffering with back and neck pain after a minor car accident.

When she arrived, her mother Mandy Boyers claims Gemma was asked to lie on a trolley, which was still wet with someone else’s blood.

Mandy said: “I thought it was absolutely shocking - if she had cuts and had touched it, she could have been infected with AIDS or anything.

“My daughter was horrified, as soon as she saw it she yelled ‘get me off this trolley.’”