Year in Review: January

An agricultural shed blown over in the gales.
An agricultural shed blown over in the gales.

Welcome to the Standard’s annual Year in Review. Over the next few days you will get the chance to relive some of the stories which made the headlines in the paper in 2012.

It’s been quite a year - with major events like the Olympic Torch Relay, SO Festvial and Skegness Carnival rubbing shoulders with more unusual tales - such as a Sperm Whale carcass floating ashore on Skegness beach.

Read our entries to find out more about these tales and more...


January saw motorists and residents endure a tough beginning to the year, as gale force winds brought chaos to the area.

Dozens of trees were felled across Lincolnshire, a roof was ripped off a building in Sleaford and large agricultural sheds were ripped from their foundations with winds topping 70mph.

One driver had a lucky escape at Friskney when his white van was blown off the A52 main road and landed on its side in a ditch.

Police reported that at least 40 trees were felled locally, many of them in Skegness. A home in Skegness Town’s Trafalgar Avenue even had its windows blown in, and over in Willoughby a large horse shed was blown onto Alford Road.


A randy visitor to Skegness appeared on television when the BBC covered a surreal sex shop crime that has since gone down in local infamy.

The nation witnessed a drunk Welshman breaking into a sex toy shop and running through the streets of Skegness, donning a frilly French maid’s outfit and stilettos.

Although it might sound like a dirty joke - this really happened!

So, a BBC series aiming to highlight some of the UK’s most ludicrous and laughable criminal offences re-enacted the bizzare act, which happened in summer 2008, highlighting the strange goings-on that happen during summertime in Skegness.

The extraordinary crime, given national coverage on our TV screens, occurred when the then 26-year old, tanked up on pills and pints during the night, threw a breeze block through the window and embarked on a shopping spree.

The man picked up a mannequin, ran through the streets of Skegness, broke into a shop to steal stilleto shoes and got changed on the roof of Specsavers.

He then tottered across the local cricket pitch. Shamefully he even broke into an elderly couple’s home to hang up his wig and put his head down for the night.

After cutting himself during the raid the man was tracked down through DNA identification.

The man admitted to police he had a fetish for women’s clothing.

Pleading guilty, he received a 12 week suspended sentence, 200 hours community service and a £400 fine.

Former owner of the sex shop, Louise Whenman concluded: “My guess is he was just a guy whose fetish had got a little too much for him.

“If he had come into the shop, we could’ve helped him find the right outfit and one that would have fitted him.

“And he could’ve kept the outfit then!” she added.


A rare visitor arrived at Skegness when an adventurous seal left many suprised after she was found washed ashore on Chapel St Leonards beach and rescued by staff at the Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

The seal, who was named Eve, had quite an epic year. An electronic device fitted to the top of her head by a seal sanctuary in Friedrichskoog, Germany, showed how Eve, believed to be around eight-months old, had visited Germany in August the previous year, despite the seals normally living in the far north between the east coast of Canada and Iceland.

The tracking device also showed how she swam to the coast of Scotland, gradually going further north in the direction of home. But at the last minute she turned around before being discovered on the beach at Chapel St Leonards.