Year in Review: August

Colourful scenes from the Skegness Carnival Parade on Sunday. Photo by John Crossland.
Colourful scenes from the Skegness Carnival Parade on Sunday. Photo by John Crossland.

Thousands of cheering spectators lined the streets of Skegness and marvelled at the many magnificent floats, marching bands and entertaining performers participating in August’s Skegness Carnival Parade.

More than 25 charities, businesses and community groups entered floats in this year’s pantomime themed procession, alongside musical performers, colourful characters and street entertainers.

Skegness residents and holidaying visitors from across the nation followed the parade as it journeyed through the town from Wainfleet Road Playing Field through to its North Parade finishing point.

Skegness Academy student Katie Booth, 15, said it was ‘awesome’ and particularly liked the marching bands.

Daviaa Hill, who was visiting Skegness with her family from Sheffield, hadn’t been expecting a parade so felt it was a ‘very nice surprise’ to see the streets taken over by the merry procession.

“It was really, very enjoyable,” she said.

“Everyone’s clearly put a lot of work and effort into this.”

Skegness resident Tracey Instone watches the parade every year and felt this year’s entries were great, though fewer in number than previous occasions.

“The floats that were there were very good and the youngsters seemed to enjoy every minute,” she said.


A mysterious sea creature captured on video off the Skegness coast intrigued marine experts and beach-goers alike.

The footage, shot in August, showed several fins bobbing up and down in the choppy water, just metres off the coast where children could be seen paddling in the shallow water.

London resident Rebecca Clarke, who took the video while visiting friends in Skegness, initially thought it was just rubbish floating on the surface but on further inspection decided it may be some sort of creature.

She said: “It might seem silly but I thought it looked rather reptilian, like a crocodile or a dragon as the fins seemed more rigid than they do on sharks.”

The video became a topic of conversation on national radio shows, with hosts offering outlandish suggestions for the ‘creature’- including a ‘sea monster’ or a ‘20 foot worm’. The video also went viral on YouTube.


The annual switch-on of Skegness Illuminations drew large crowds in August.

Hollyoaks stars Steph Davis and Keiron Richardson did the honours, turning on the lights ahead of a spectacular fireworks display which lit up the sky.