Working to restore parade route


Efforts are being made to return Skegness’ Remembrance Day Parade to its historic route following two years of detours.

Skegness Town Council is supporting the Royal British Legion on the matter ahead of this year’s commemorations.

The parade traditionally runs from Richmond Drive Coach Park to St Matthew’s Church, via Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue. In the last two years, however, it has had to take a detour due to work in the area of Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue.

Steve Larner, town clerk, said the diverted route left some unhappy.

“It didn’t flow,” he said. “It was a more awkward route for some of the veterans.”

He added talks had been held with Lincolnshire Police over the matter, describing them as ‘very helpful’.

Final approval falls to Lincolnshire County Council.

Andy Ratcliffe, area highways manager, said: “I’ve been in discussions with Skegness Town Council regarding the Remembrance Day Parade for this year, and highways have no objections to the parade going down Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue.

“We’ve advised them that there are kerbs on Lumley Avenue, and we recommend that the organisers consider installing temporary ramps to ensure the route is accessible for wheelchair users.”