Woman from Spilsby barred from taking children to school served with restraining order

News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001
News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001

A Spilsby woman, who is already barred from taking her children to school herself, has now been served with a restraining order after magistrates heard details of her attacking her former partner and his girlfriend in the street.

Ashlee Ratcliffe, 28, of Old Market Avenue, admitted assaulting John Ramsden and Ami Nix by beating on January 16 in Spilsby, when she appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

The court was told she and Mr Ramsden had been together for 10 years until they split up last year, but on January 16 just after 9am, Ratcliffe saw him and his girlfriend of a month, Ami Nix, outside Spilsby’s Factory Shop in High Street.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Ratcliffe, who was herself with her new boyfriend, started shouting at them and then went towards them and punched and smacked them both, knocking Mr Ramsden’s glasses off, until eventually Mr Ramsden and Ms Nix walked away.

When she was seen by police, she said she had been ‘frustrated’ because she had seen Mr Ramsden with Ms Nix.

In mitigation, Terry Boston said Ratcliffe had found it very difficult to see Mr Ramsden and Ms Nix together, as Ms Nix had been her best friend.

He said she suffered from anxiety and depression and shortly before this incident she had been prescribed a new medication which had made her very violent and she had smashed up her own flat and attacked her own boyfriend.

He said she was now off that medication.

Ratcliffe told the magistrates that the school had barred her from taking her children to school herself.

The magistrates imposed a six month conditional discharge and issued a restraining order preventing Ratcliffe from having any contact with Mr Ramsden and Ms Nix, except in certain circumstances through an agreed third party.

She was also ordered to pay £105 in costs and charges.