Winthorpe club set to re-launch

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A YOUTH club is to be re-launched in a bid to tackle antisocial behaviour in Winthorpe.

The police have scheduled the youth club to take place on Wednesday from 6pm till 8pm to help combat problems which they say occurred at this time.

It is thought it will help keep young people off the streets and within the youth club. There will be rules and regulations to help teach boundaries.

“These rules are going to be set up by the youths themselves and if they break them then there will be consequence, same as life. These are lessons that they can learn without even realising that are being taught,” said a police spokesperson.

Every week/month a programme of events will be set up with a mixture of fun and educational sessions taking place. A policing talk will also be provided once a month on issues such as knife crime, drugs and the consequence of certain crimes such as burglary.

A number of coaching sessions are also being discussed to take place including football, sport, dance and others and it is hoped the club will be able to set up competitions with other clubs.

An allotment programme is also set to be arranged as a way to teach young people about tending to gardens and through this, the police hope it will reduce crime and damage to them. In the past, allotments received criminal damage where planting beds were ripped up and the police hope to reduce this through the programme.

And, as an extra to the youth club, the Winthorpe Youth Panel will be started up which will run at the same time as the adults panel.

“The youths picked will select who they want to represent them by voting them in and every month they will hold a meeting to discuss any issues they have and what activities they would like to do. The idea behind this is teach responsibility,” added a spokesperson.

The main aim behind the club is to help provide young people with an outlet and somewhere to go where they feel safe.

It is hoped the club will help young people have a voice without resorting to antisocial behaviour.