Wind farm survey work to start at Anderby

Survey work for the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm is to start at Anderby.

Engineers will descend on the dunes and beach at Mogg’s Eye for three days, as the project moves into the design phase after consent was granted for its electrical system in September.

Work begins on Wednesday, November 2, using technology that has been specially designed to leave the most minimal of impacts.

Triton Knoll technical engineer Andy Barwise said: “We’re very conscious of wanting to keep the impact of our survey works to a minimum. That’s why we’ve not conducted any beach surveys until now, to avoid the key tourist season and school holidays when the beach is most likely to be in use. We’ve also opted to use one of lowest impact surveying techniques available.

“The most anyone is likely to see will be the tracked survey vehicle as it goes about its work in and around the beach area, but little else. These are essential survey works which will help us to plan our directional drill beneath the beach and dunes, ensuring that, during the construction phase, the cable can be installed with no disturbance to the sea defences.”

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm will be located approximately 32km off the Lincolnshire coast.