William Alexander Rapley

EX-SERVICEMAN William Alexander Rapley, of Firbeck Avenue, Skegness, has died aged 95.

Mr Rapley, who was born in Clydach, South Wales, leaves wife Beatrice Rapley, son Simon Rapley, daughter-in-law Lorna Rapley, and grandchildren Daniel and Jessica Rapley.

He worked in his father’s fish and chip shop, before joining the Queen’s Royal Regiment as a driver in the Second World War.

He returned to the fish and chip business, before becoming a stores manager in a civil defence department at Longcross.

He made prototypes of aircraft floors at Microcell, worked as a security officer at Vickers, and spent time refuelling army vehicles at Longcross, before retirement.

After his retirement, he worked at Ascot racecourse as a steward.

During his time as a driver in the Second World War, he was sent to South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Italy.

While in Italy, he was station at Salerno, Anzio and Monte Casino.

The funeral service, conducted by Jan Bunting, took place at Alford Crematorium.

Family mourners: wife Bea Rapley, son Simon Rapley, daughter-in-law Lorna Rapley, grandson and wife Daniel Rapley and Fleur Patrick-Rapley, granddaughter and fiance Jessica Rapley and Tom Baumber.

Other mourners: Fred and Pat Daubney, Alan and Vee Archer, Ann Brothwell, George Barber and Jim and Catherina Stacey.

Funeral directors were Frank Wood and Sons, of Skegness.