Will Boston put up a statue of our George?

George Smith on the Skegness Land Train, sent in by Dean and Wayne Sumner.
George Smith on the Skegness Land Train, sent in by Dean and Wayne Sumner.

A campaign has been launched on Facebook for Boston to have a statue in memory of George Smith, described by old pal Dean Callow as ‘our very own local legend’.

George, 72, of Bartol Crescent, Boston, died on Sunday, November 1 in The Butterfly Hospice after a short illness.

There was a huge outpouring of affection for George on social media following the sad news.

Dean said George’s passing ‘affected the whole town’ and the public affection for him sparked his idea for a statue to commemorate ‘a true gentle man’.

“He may not have been a great author or explorer or achieve any other great feat,” said Dean. “But he spread happiness in his own unique way and in my book that goes a long way.”

Dean, 50, a glass technician from Eastwood Road, Boston, says he was first introduced to George by an old school friend more than 30 years ago.

“He was always smiling, saying ‘Happy Christmas ... soon be Easter’,” said Dean. “He was just a lovable character.”

Within hours of Dean’s statue idea appearing on Facebook, he received more than 600 Likes and more than 100 Shares.

Dean plans to have informal talks with the council to see if it will support the statue plan and says he is more than happy to front a public appeal for a bronze statue of George.

Dean has sites in mind, which include the railway station, as George was a frequent visitor to Skegness, the park and near the Five Lamps in the Market Place.

George’s brother, Ken, said: “Well I think it’s marvellous, really, but I can’t see Boston council wanting to do that.

“It would be very nice if it were to get the go-ahead.”

Ken said there’s been talk about memorial benches and he thinks an ideal spot for a bench would be close to George’s house on Bartol Crescent.

“There’s a nice patch of grassed area in front of where he lived,” said Ken.

l George’s funeral service is due to take place at Boston Crematorium at 11.30am on Monday, November 16.