Who do you want to nominate in the Standard Champions community awards?

We have started our search for the 2013 Standard Champions.

If you know anyone who deserves an award to recognise their contribution to our community then now is your chance to nominate them as a champion.

Together with our awards sponsors, Centrica, the Standard is again asking its readers to nominate people for one of eight categories.

This will be a community effort with local nominations, with YOU the readers, deciding who the winners will be in a number of awards (see descriptions, below).

The winners and runners-up will all be invited to a prestigious awards ceremony on Thursday, July 4 at Butlin’s.

Winners will receive a trophy and a bottle of bubbly (or age appropriate drink).

Readers can nominate individual using the form printed in this week’s paper and should briefly explain the reasons for their choice on a separate piece of paper (please attach it to the nomination form when submitting it).

Candidates must live within the circulation area of the Skegness or Spilsby Standard (including Alford).

After the period for nominations has closed, readers will be invited to choose their winners by returning their ballot froms, which will be printed in the Standard.

When all of the winners have been decided, a panel of judges will then choose one of the category winners as the overall Standard Achiever 2013.

Nominations should be sent to Standard Champions, Skegness Standard, Unit 22, The Hildreds, High Street, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3NU.

No photocopies of nomination forms will be accepted.

The editor’s decision will be final on whether nominations are elligible.

Employers and their families of East Midlands Newspapers and Centrica are inelligble to enter.

Nominations should be received at the Standard’s office by no later than May 17, 2013.

Entries should include a few words explaining why the person you’ve nominated deserves an award (attach the sheet with your reasons to the nomination form before submitting).



This might go to a youngster who has achieved some notable success, either at school or in an outside school activity. They may have outstanding talent, or achieved against the odds. Nominees must be 13-18-years-old.


This is aimed at recognising the young at heart members of the community who go the extra mile. Perhaps they excel at a hobby, have extraordinary talents or give up time for someone else. Nominees must be 60+.


The sportsperson award might go to an individual who has been highly successful in any sport or game, either at national or local level. It could also be one of the ‘backroom boys’ of the sport such as a secretary or referee.


This person may work in the public or private sector. The important criterion is that they give customer service above-and-beyond the call of duty. They could work anywhere in the local area.


This award may go to a professional carer who provides support and friendship over-and-above the call of duty. They could also be a group or an individual who voluntarily cares for a family member or members, or others in the community.



This will go to a child up to and including the age of 12 on May 17, 2013. The achievement can be in any field, either school-based or an out-of-school activity.


This will go to someone who has made a significant positive effort to improve the community in which they live. It will go to someone not covered by the other categories.


This will go to a teacher within the local circulation area of the paper.

The nominee may have helped their pupils achieve success or be someone who goes the extra mile.