What has got you talking?: Week on the web in Skegness

Police continued their fight against anti-social behaviour in Skegness yesterday. ANL-171010-074504001

Our article about police cracking down on anti-social behaviour in Skegness drew lots of responses on our Facebook wall.

Barbara Thein commented: “About time, there always seems to be someone sat by the cash machines, I saw 1 outside Lloyds 1 outside nationwide some outside Nat West and by TSB. not good.”

Jump Warriors backers Jonathan Graves and Nicholas Burton with Michelle Stott who has been employed as manager on the Wainfleet Road industrial estate in Skegness where work had already started. ANL-170510-153745001

Donald Shaw wrote: “About as effective as the riding of bikes on the pavement. I have seen the community police walk down one side talking, on Lumley Rd. whilst on the other side people ride bikes, so much for the enforcement notice’s placed on Lumley Rd.”

Karen Renton responded: “About time. Why are they allowed to sit as close to lloyds cash machines? Find this very uncomfortable stopped using them now”

While Lee Cutts added: “Instead of parked on wainfleet Road and Roman Bank on Saturday, coppers stood about pulling one car every so often”


Our story about a major new police operation to improve road safety in Skegness also got some reactions online.

Wayne Bradley wrote: “Where are they in the season, when their arrest rate would rise with the influx of uninsured and taxed cars, entering are from other counties? Just an easy fix to improve stats. Try breathtesting in the mornings after their late nights out,motorist are an easier option, the plus to this would be more arrests and people would know Lincolnshire police are doing their job and it would only be a plus for promoting the area and safety.”

Loz Leighton commented: “If 58 vehicles were flagged as no insurance why were only three dealt with?”


On our story about the backers of a trampoline park in Skegness facing a loss of £260K, Lisa Piercy commented: “Skegness needs something like this as an attraction, otherwise it isn’t worth visiting.”

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