Whales ‘were alive’ when they became stranded

Sperm whales washed up on Skegness beach.
Sperm whales washed up on Skegness beach.

Experts have revealed the whales washed up on the Skegness coastline were alive when they got stranded.

Robert Deaville, an officer for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) said it had been an ‘emotional’ few days.

He said: “We now believe the whales were alive when they got stranded on Saturday night and died sometime before they were reported on Sunday.

“Tests have been physically demanding. Even though they had only been dead a day they had decomposed more than expected.

“What people described as an ‘explosion’ left fluid and parts on the beach and as a result we decided not to open the others up for the safety of onlookers and ourselves. Nevertheless we have been able to gain a lot of specimens that will be useful for years to come.

“We have also been struck by local people’s interest. It’s sad but it touched Skegness.”

Three whales were spotted on the Skegness coastline on Sunday and a further whale was found at Friskney on Monday.