WEATHER: Temperatures to soar in Lincolnshire today - but how long will the heatwave last?

Hot weather is on the way
Hot weather is on the way

Lincolnshire is set to enjoy one of its warmest days of the year so far today as plume of hot air from the Mediterranean envelops the UK.

Warm sunshine will dominate throughout today with temperatures peaking at around 24C this afternoon.

Despite a slight blip in the weather on Thursday and Friday, the hot and sunny weather will return to Lincolnshire on Saturday.

Tomorrow temperatures will be a few degrees cooler than today, around 20C and there will be a lot more cloud around.

Friday will follow a very similar theme with lots of cloud and temperatures peaking at 19C.

Saturday will see a return to wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures reaching 23C with Sunday reaching a notch higher, 24C.

And the heatwave looks set to last into early next week with Lincolnshire basking in temperatures of 25C on Monday and 22C on Tuesday.