Drivers warned not to travel unless ‘absolutely necessary’ to help gritting team

Gritters on the road in Lincolnshire. EMN-180228-122327001
Gritters on the road in Lincolnshire. EMN-180228-122327001

People are being urged not to travel as the county’s gritting team attempts to get the county’s major roads moving again.

Over the next few hours, the gritters efforts will be focused primarily on ploughing the county’s most vital links.

Darrell Redford, network resilience manager for the council, said: “The conditions out there at the moment are horrendous - we haven’t faced a challenge like this for quite some time.

“Given the overwhelming amounts of snow that we’re seeing, we’re having to focus solely on our major routes for the moment, as we attempt to get the county moving again.

“That means many other roads will be hazardous and we’d urge you not to travel at all.

“We will get on top of this, but it will take time.

“We thank you for your ongoing patience.”

For more on the council’s gritting operations, visit .

Emergency plough routes are:

Sturton Depot

1. Canwick Hill and Crosscliffe Hill and Yarborough Hill and Lindum Hill, then reverts to city route

2. A46 Lincoln bypass and then on to A57 Lincoln to Newton

3. A15 Lincoln to Caenby Corner, back by B1398 from A631 to Lincoln

4. A631Caenby Corner to Gainsborough, A156 Gainsborough to A57 Drisney Nook, then A1500 Tillbridge Lane circuit.

5. A1500, then A15 to Caenby Corner, then A631 to Gainsborough, the A159 to county boundary and back by the A156 and A1500.

Willingham Hall Depot

1. A46 Market Rasen to Lincoln, A158 Lincoln to Wragby, A157 Wragby to Louth , A631 Louth to Market Rasen

2. A1103 and A46 Market Rasen to county boundary

3. A631 depot to Caenby Corner, then A15 north to county boundary

Horncastle Depot

1. A158 Horncastle to Lincoln bypass

2. A158 Horncastle to Partney roundabout, then A155 to Coningsby, A153 Conningsby to Horncastle

3. A153 Horncastle to Louth and Louth town centre

Manby Depot

1. A16 Louth bypass to county boundary and A18

2. A16 to Boston, back via the A1104 to Alford and the A157 Alford to Louth

3. A1028 and A158 Partney to Skegness.

Boston Depot

1. A52 Boston to Skegness, then A158 Skegness to Partney roundabout, then A16 from Partney to Boston

2. A1121 Boston to A17, left on to A17 to Sutterton roundabout, left up the A16 to Boston, then A52 to A17 – back via A17 to Sutterton Roundabout and up A16 to Boston

3. A16 Boston to Pinchbeck, then A151 to Holbeach, A17 to Sutterton roundabout, then A16 Boston

Pode Hole

1. A151 Pode Hole to Bourne, A15 to Market Deeping , back by A16 to Spalding

2. A151 to Holbeach, A17 to county boundary, then A1101 from Long Sutton to county boundary

3. A152 Pinchbeck to A52, A52 to A17, then right on to the A17 to Sutterton roundabout, back by the A16 to Spalding

4. A16 to Market Deeping then back to A1073 Spalding to county boundary

Ancaster Depot

1. A15 Sleaford to Lincoln and back by B1188 Lincoln to Ruskington,

2. A17 to the A52 Swineshead roundabout then the A52 to Threekingham roundabout, back by A15 to Sleaford

3. A153 /A607 Sleaford to Grantham, Grantham town centre main roads, A52 from Grantham to Threekingham roundabout, back to Sleaford by A17

4. A153 to A155 roundaboutt and back via A153 to A607. Then A607 to Waddington and back by A15 to Sleaford

5. A15 south to Bourne then A151 to Colsterworth and back

Thurlby Depot

1. A15 Bourne to Market Deeping, then A16 Stamford back by A6121

2. A15 Bourne to A52 roundabout, A52 to B1177 back to Bourne.

3. A151 to Spalding, back by A16 to Market Deeping and back up the A15 to Bourne