‘We’ll fight our corner’: Vow of Skegness’ new Tory voices on Lincolnshire Councty Council

Coun Steve Kirk
Coun Steve Kirk

A new representatives for Skegness on Lincolnshire County Council has vowed to do his best for the resort - along with the party’s other successful candidate for the town in the the local elections.

Councillors Steve Kirk and Carl Macey were celebrating this morning after winning the seats vacated by UKIPs Dean (Skegness North) and Robin (Skegness South) Hunter-Clarke

Both councillors are members of Skegness Town Council and lack of communication between the two authorities has been one of the concerns in the past.

Coun Kirk won the Skegness South seat with 1162 votes (46.4%) and Coun Macey won Skegness North with 1116 votes (47.4%).

The Standard managed to catch Coun Kirk this morning who said: “I’m absolutely over the moon.

“It’s been a long slog as it’s a big old ward but I’m delighted – as I am for Coun Macey who I know was out at 7am yesterday delivering leaflets, so it was a 24-hour day for him.

”I realise Coun Macey and myself will get the blame for everything now as the county council has had to make some tough decisions and there are more to come.

“But we will fight our corner as best we can.”

He also vowed to push for the Coastal Highway saying: “Hopefully we can see some progress on this as there are many complaints about the roads to the resort.”

However, the portfolio holder for the coastal economy on East Lindsey District Council, said he would argue with anyone claiming there was no investment in Skegness.

Coun Kirk said: “It makes me very angry when I hear this because it is just not true. I know for a fact two investors were lost by reading negative comments on social media.

“However, it would be nice to see some of the county council money spent on the west come to Skegness.

”It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Coun Macey added that he, too, was delighted to have been elected. He said: “I’d like to thank the people of Skegness for voting for me.

“I plan to represent them to the best of my ability and be their local voice.”

Skegness results are:

Skegness North

Macey, Carl – Conservative - 47.4% - 1116

Brookes, Danny – UKIP - 28.3% - 666

Gaskell, Phil – Labour - 24.3% - 572

Electorate - 8840

Turnout - 2354 - 26%

Skegness South

Kirk, Steve – Conservative - 46.4% - 1162

Pain, Christopher – Lincolnshire Independents - 20.6% - 515

Gray, Maggie – Labour - 18% - 450

Blackburn, Susan – UKIP - 15% - 375

Electorate - 8406

Turnout - 2502 - 29%

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