Water bills set to drop by an average of £29


Water bills could drop by an average of £29 following a seven per cent cut by suppliers.

Anglian Water has announced the prices for the coming year will be coming down, while the company is hoping to deliver a multi-billion five-year investment programme.



The company said the average annual bill will reduce to £402 per year, or £1.10 per day. Customers with a water meter will pay even less, with the average bill dropping to £371.

Director of customer services Martyn Oakley said: “We know household budgets remain under pressure. So we believe this price cut is timely and coming at a time when customers tell us they need it most.”

The company is also hoping to invest £5 billion nationwide between now and 2020 including water main repairs, sewer maintenance, environmental protection and water recycling equipment.

Projects in Lincolnshire include around £3.5 million for flood partnership projects that will help to overcome the challenges of complex, multi-owned, and interconnected drainage networks.

Skegness is included in the flood allevation work.

Anglian Water also plans to invest £60 million on it’s ‘war on leakage’ in which it aims to protect customers and the environment from severe weather such as drought and flooding; and tackling the impacts of climate change.

Mr Oakley said: “As well as cutting bills we’re also continuing to help customers control how much they spend on bills. For instance, we’ve pledged by 2020 to fit 95 per cent of homes with a water meter. And this doesn’t mean making metered bills compulsory because we believe the savings to be achieved speak for themselves.”

For details, including support available for those struggling to pay, visit www.anglianwater.co.uk/