Warning as puppy is rushed to vets after eating slug pellets on Skegness beach

Wally, a six-month-old toy poodle, is recovering after ingesting slug pellets on Skegness beach. ANL-170710-091140001

The owner of a Toy Poodle puppy is warning dog walkers on Skegness beach to be careful after her pet was rushed to the vets for ingesting slug pellets.

Laura Chappell said she was walking six-month-old Wally on the beach in the North Shore area when she spotted he had been eating something.

She said: “Due to his age he’s into everything so it doesn’t surprise me that he ate the slug pellets.

“I’m just thankful that they were near the sea as the water made the blue colour run and I was able to see it round his mouth.

“Had the pellets been dry I wouldn’t have known and he wouldn’t be here today.

”We rushed him to the vet and his stomach was pumped. We had a hellish couple of days but thankfully he is okay now.”

The incident tood place 11 months after four dogs died after eating rat poison on the beach at Winthorpe. A number of warnings were issued at the time by Skegness Coastwatch and the RSPCA.

Laura said she is now going to look into whether there is CCTV on the beach to protect other dog walkers and their pets.

She said: “If there isn’t I’m thinking of starting a petition to get it. I hope no other innocent dog is harmed.”

Anyone who spots anything suspicious on the beach can call 101, quoting incident number 394.

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