Wainfleet man in heart charity plea

A CHARITY born out of the bond between families cast together during their bereavement process, is seeking new members to continue its fund raising work.

After losing loved ones through cardiac illness, Wainfleet man Geoff Lambourne and members of the Trinder and Turner families decided to dedicate their cumulative efforts to saving other families from the heartache they had endured.

Since its formation in 1996 the group has been collecting donations, selling home made craft products and have even recorded a piece of music, all to raise money for cardiac research and life saving medical equipment.

Now, with the founding members growing increasingly old and infirm, they are seeking assistance from people in the Skegness area to help carry on with their work.

Geoff Lambourne said: “When the group first met, we had all recently gone through the immense sadness of losing a loved one.

“We found that by sharing our experiences and working together to help improve the care of other cardiac patients it helped us get through the bereavement process.

“Daybreak is only a small organisation but our commitment to raise funds is huge and the successes we have already achieved only makes our desire to continue even stronger.

“In order to do so we need other people to help us raise funds by attending events, collecting donations, or making craft times for sale.”

Geoff was an auxiliary nurse at Battle Hospital, Reading, when he met the patients David Trinder and Brian Turner in 1995.

Sadly, despite the best efforts from the hospital, both the patients died and Geoff stepped in to help their grieving relations and friends.

Through their mutual support the group became friends and worked with one another to raise funds for cardiac treatment.

Together they have attended many annual fund raising events and raised money to buy defibrilators, ECG machines and oxygen machines.

They have also recorded and released a spoken word account of the traumatic experiences brought about by the death of a loved one accompanied by music taken from the track ‘Hooked on Romance’.

Geoff, who now lives in Wainfleet, is urging anyone who has been affected by cardiac illness or would like to help raise funds for the charity to get in touch.

l Please call Geoff on 01754 880989.