Wainfleet bomb memorial

WAINFLEET All Saints mayor Coun Andy Pogson will host a plaque-unveiling ceremony at 10 High Street in the town at noon next Wednesday, November 9.

This is the site where, in November 1940, a German Heinkel III dropped a bomb which killed baker William Cram and his wife Elsie.

Along with other family members, the couple’s son, Roland, who is now in his 80s, will be coming from his home in Wilsford, near Sleaford, to attend the event.

Roland, himself, escaped the blast because he was on a bread delivery round at the time of the tragedy.

There were no reported casualties when, moments earlier, the same plane dropped two other bombs - one falling into the field on the St. Mary side of the River Steeping , the other into St John Street about 20 yards from the junction of Silver Street.

Says Coun Pogson: “All are welcome to attend next Wednesday’s ceremony, especially anyone who has memories of what happened.”