Volunteers are being sort to join The British Transport Police citizens panel from Skegness and across the region

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The British Transport Police (BTP) are offering people in the community the chance to air their views and provide feed back on operations as part of a citizens panel.

Enthusiastic volunteers are being sought by the BTP from across the region - from members of the public to rail staff.

The panel has been established for a number of years and has a number of members, but they are keen to extend the membership further.

BTP are looking for people who have a general interest in railways and the railway community, in particular those who have strong links into local communities, to work in an advisory role to provide feedback and advice on how BTP’s actions are interpreted by members of the public. The aim of the panel is to strengthen relationships between BTP and local community groups.

Inspector Dave McMenemy said: “We are keen to expand our membership of this already very successful group. We want more people to have their say in the policing of the railways in their area.”

Meetings are held quarterly across the area, and will allow a representation of local people to have a voice in the policing of the railway. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, visit www.btp.police.uk or contact Inspector Dave McMenemy on 0113 2472359.