Volunteer recruitment group

A social networking page recruiting volunteers to assist community projects and help make Skegness events more successful has been set up.

Skegness mum-of-four Georgina Hammond created the Skegness Events Volunteer Facebook page to provide a place where event organisers and community groups can find the help they need.

Having grown sick and tired of what she feels is the negative attitude shown by certain individuals in the town, she felt this may encourage those people to make a positive difference instead of just complaining.

She said: “I’m just fed up of listening to them moan all of the time. Most events in Skegness are run by the same group of people and there’s another group of people who all they do is go on the internet and complain. If they are that bothered they should get up from behind their computer and do something.”

The group has already seen posts seeking volunteers to help out at The Village Church Farm, Skegness Illuminations Switch On and to tidy-up St Clement’s Church.

To join the group type ‘Skegness events volunteers’ into Facebook’s search bar.