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General News.
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CHRISTINGLE - Toynton All Saints School will be taking part in a ‘Christingle Service’ at the village church, on Friday, December 13 at 2pm.

COMMUNION - On Sunday, December 15, there will be a service of Holy communion , at Toynton All Saints Church, at 11.15am.

PARISH COUNCIL - Toynton St Peter Parish Council met recently at the Village Hall.

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mike O’Driscoll, due to work commitments, and he has resigned as chairman.

In the public session, Geoff Lees asked if a reply had been received regarding any progress on the drainage in Eastville Road.

The clerk, Mrs Sarah Knowles, said Highways manager, Andy Ratcliffe, had contacted her to say LCC hasn’t any money to do the work.

In ‘highways matters’, the clerk reported that Mr Ratcliffe had replied to their request for work to be carried out on Chapel Lane.

He said: “Chapel Lane is a very long way down the list of road repairs, as there are some in a lot worse condition.”

The clerk will email back to say the council is not satisfied with his answer.

It was decided to also contact county councillor Victoria Ayling, as it is a LCC matter.

Cllr Jim Gurney said Church Lane was in a ‘terrible’ state.

Cllr Gillian Denniff was concerned it would suffer more damage, when the asbestos bungalow on the corner of Church Lane/ Eastville Road was demolished, before a new dwelling is re-built on the site.

A lot of heavy lorries will be using part of Church Lane.

The clerk had contacted the police, saying the council was not happy with their response regarding cars parked on pavements or Eastville Road.

The police had said it was not a problem when they visited, but this was in the daytime.

Dist Cllr Jim Swanson said if the pathway was under the vehicles ‘sump’, they were committing an offence, and advised councillors to get photo graphic evidence and ring police on 101.

Pictures could also illustrate the difficulties of wheelchair users trying to negotiate the footway.

Estimates and ideas for wording, of ‘Please Drive Carefully’ signs had been received. After much discussion, the voting was two in favour and four against purchasing the signs.

Some councillors thought it was an unnecessary expense, and motorists would not take heed of the signs.

The old chapel on Eastville Road was discussed.

Cllr Jim Gurney branded it “an eyesore”, and if demolished, it would cut a lot of accidents on the corner. The clerk was asked to contact ELDC’s chief executive Stuart Davie, as ELDC will determine if anything can be done.

In his report, Dist Cllr Jim Swanson made everyone aware about ELDC’s consultation. They want to hear opinons of local residents about which gf the council’s services are most important to them, on It will assist in forming the new corporate strategy.

The ELDC security commitee are examining local markets, the ‘wong’ area at Horncastle; illuminations at Skegness; and a review on car parking.

It will not be reverting to free car parking, but is looking at extending the permit scheme to cover all car parks,

Problems encountered by motorhomes being too large for parking bays and allowing two hours (instead of one hour) on Sundays, following complaints from churchgoers, are being looked into.

Discussion took place regarding the 2014/15 precept.

Councillors were reminded ELDC will have a 25 per cent cut in government support grant next year. The precept will be decided at the next meeting.

Mrs Maureen Lees asked why Toynton All Saints’ precept was cheaper than St Peter’s?

The council’s audit will be on show at the Village Hall for an hour a day, over three days. See notice boards for dates/times.

The date of the next meeting will be January 23 at 7.15pm at Toynton All Saints Village Hall.