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General News.
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FRIENDSHIP CLUB - Bingo will take place during a meeting of Toynton Friendship Club on Tuesday, October 15.

The group meets fortnightly on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm at the village hall. New members are always welcome.

NEW HYMNS - On Sunday, October 13, a ‘New Hymns’ session will be held at Toynton All Saints Methodist Church, at 3pm. Come along and have a good sing.

PARISH COUNCIL - Parishioners had the opportunity to view plans and ask questions about a planning application by R H J farms to erect an anaerobic digestion plant at Grange Farm, Toynton St Peter.

During the Q&A sessions, Mr Alistair Hall-Jones outlined the process and allayed fears of the residents. He said Grange Farm was a far better location for the plant, than the farm site at Harehills.

The plant will only use pig manure/slurry and specially grown maize in the digestion processor. No human waste will be used.

During the process, methane gas is produced, which will power a turbine and produce electricity. He added that the ‘digestate’ which remains, has nitrogen, phospate and potassium and is ten times “less smelly” than usual pig slurry, therefore beneficial to the village.

There is no oxygen in the tank, the procedure is done by microrganisms present.

Parishioners raised concerns including fear of explosions, and asked if the digestate would be harmful if spread on wet ground.

Assurances were made that no digestate would be spread on land if wet weather is forecast or if the subsoil was already wet.

Cllr John Lear asked how far afield slurry collection will be from and was told from the pig farms on Halton Road and Harehills Farm, plus maize grown at Raithby.

During the public session, Geoff Lees raised concern about the inadequate size of the drainage pipes, under a filled-in dyke on Church Lane.

This is believed to be the cause of flooding of homes on Eastville Road in 2007. Alistair Hall-Jones said he would investigate the possibility of reinstating an open dyke.

In the meeting proper, former councillor Jim Gurney was co-opted back onto the council.

Geoff Lees said it has been seven months since ELDC said they were going to install a drain along the west side of Eastville Road to prevent any further occurances of flooding. Mr Lees also said: “People are concerned about selling their property. Sandbags outside of properties make any buyers wary because of flooding and there are also issues with travellers in that area and overgrown fields. It is devaluing properties in the village”, he said.

The planning item, discussed earlier was unanimously voted in favour , as it will be less “smelly”.

PCSO Nigel Miller has contacted the council to say when he came to check on the number of cars parked on the pavement on Eastville Road, there were only four and there was adequate room to walk along the footpath and for a mobility scooter to safely travel along the pavement.

The council asked the clerk to write to the police to say they were not happy with their response.

The clerk is to obtain quotes for ‘Please drive carefully through our village’ signs.

The YO34 bus route from the village to Boston on Wednesday was discussed. The contract with Phil Haines coaches ceases on October 10 and the council has been asked to contribute £319.85 to keep the service running. Coun Gurney said it was essential to keep the bus route, so elderly residents could get ‘out of their four walls’. Coun Gillian Denniff said the council had to consider those who don’t use it but pay through the council precept.

The voting was two in favour of paying, with four against.

Geoff Lees said the council would have to tell the regular users why they are not paying for the bus, Cllr Bee said it was because other parishes were not paying.

Cllr Gurney felt so strongly that the bus service be kept, that he offered to pay the contribution out of his own pocket.

Maureen Lees said: “There is now nothing for anyone in the village. They have taken another lifeline away”.

Alan Elliot accused the bus company of holding villages to ransom.

Elsewhere, the clerk has asked the council to consider paying for her own training, exam fees and travelling expenses to obtain the CILCA certificate. She estimated it would cost the council £50 this year and the same amount the following year.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 28.