Village News: The Toyntons

CHURCH - On Sunday, August 11, there will be a service of evening prayer at 3pm, at Toynton St Peter Church.

PARISH COUNCIL - Toynton St Peter Parish Council met recently. During the public session, Gordan McCallum raised the subject of vehicles speeding in the village.

Cllr Beryl Kale said it was worrying for horseriders, as it may cause a horse to react and throw the rider. Dist Cllr Jim Swanson said the council should contact County Cllr Victoria Ayling and get her to ask the police to do more speed checks.

A letter had been received from Gordan McCallum, regretting that he had resigned from the parish council in May and wished to be co-opted back onto the council. He promised he would try and attend as many meetings as possible. The council voted unanimously to co-opt him.

The chairman, Michael O’Driscoll said he was in disbelief over the ELDC planning committee’s decision to grant permission for Circus Mondao’s overwintering quarters on New Lane.

Cllr Gordan McCallum wondered how a large articulated lorry would be able to turn into the proposed new temporary access off Eastville Road?

Cllr Swanson said that Circus Mondao commented that they know the parishioners will be vigilant about the site.

Cllr O’Driscoll said a response to ELDC’s decision had been sent to ELDC’s leader Doreen Stephenson.

Cllr Swanson said he had requested that a ‘site visit’ be made before the planning permission, but this did not happen.

It was heard that, as part of the planning consent, no vehicles other than ‘standard motor cars’ can access the original site entrance on New Lane.

Cllr Swanson claimed Circus Mondao wanted to move their whole operation site from Grantham, to Toynton St Peter.

Elsewhere, Cllr Swanson said he did not attend the district council’s recent Green Waste meeting vote, because ‘he didn’t want to be whipped’ to vote the way the Conservatives wanted.

He said everyone will be sent a letter to ask if they want to opt in/out of the scheme. Mrs Sue Ruddlesdin asked if there were concessions for the elderly, disabled or people on benefits? There are none.

She said it was disgusting the payment had been introduced, as everybody already pays council tax. Cllr Swanson said garden waste can be put into the black bin, if necessary.

Cllr Swanson said broadband in the area should improve considerably by 2015.

He also told the meeting about the reorganisation of wards and showed the new Electoral Boundary Commission map. It is supposed to ensure there is one councillor per every 2,000 residents.

The proposed library changes were discussed. It was decided to send a letter to the county council.

Mrs Garvey had complained to the council about Chapel Lane. She is unable to push a wheelchair down the lane because of the state of the road surface. She also had problems with the ditch past her property, which is overgrown and has filled in.

It was agreed to contact the farmer regarding the ditch and Highways about the road surface and drainage issues.

Cllr Charles Bee said the field behind the bungalows on Eastville Road was still very untidy and nothing had been done about it.

Coun’ O’Driscoll claimed the landowner had promised to cut the weeds etc by Christmas 2012. Cllr Swanson said the clerk should ring ELDC’S Duncan Hollingsworth and get an incident number and follow up with a letter to ELDC to see if any enforcement action should be taken.

Cllr Bee said a public footpath, which goes through a grass field, between Chapel Land and New Lane, had not been cut. The county council’s Highways department will be contacted about the problem.

Cllr McCallum asked if the council could seek to obtain ‘please drive carefully through our village signs’.

The next meeting will take place on September 26, at 7,15pm, at Toynton Village Hall.