Village News - The Toyntons

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ANNUAL PARISH MEETING - Toynton St Peter‘s annual parish meeting was held recently at the Village Hall.

Mike O’Driscoll reported that in the last 12 months, the new notice board, commemorating the Queen’s diamond jubilee, had been erected at the end of Halton Road.

On Eastville Road, a bench and table had been sited next to the notice board (kindly donated by Jim Gurney); Beryl Kale and Charles Bee had joined the council.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership had assisted with speed checking along Eastville Road; Halton Road has now re-opened after a large hole (caused by badgers undermining the road) was fixed.

Potholes along New Lane had received attention. The ditch cleaning on land at Eastville Road still needs attention and despite several letters being sent to the landowner, no action had been taken.

An old chapel on Eastville Road was branded an ‘eyesore’ and District Coun Jim Swanson will write to the owner to ask if the area could be improved.

Photographs have been taken of a large rut in front of the postbox at the bottom of Toynton Hill and sent to the Highways department to ask for remedial work.

Church Lane and Chapel Lane are to be resurfaced. It is hoped to persuade the LCC Highways to include Eastville Road (South) as far as New Lane on its gritting route and also ask if they would resurface the length of New Lane.

The meeting of Toynton St Peter Parish then began.

Gordan Mcallum has resigned as councillor; Cllr Mike O’Driscoll was re-elected as chairman and Coun Charles Bee was elected as Vice Chairman.

Alan Elliot asked if the council will request the LCC Highways department clears out two dykes next to his property on Eastville Road.

The precept of £1890 has been received from ELDC and the balance stood at £4,566.87, before payments were made for insurance, clerk’s salary and clerk’s expenses.

The clerk, Mrs Sarah Knowles, said she would request agendas for meetings of the Alford and Spilsby area committee meetings.

PCSO Nigel Miller reported that there had been various incidents in the village recently; one road traffic accident, two incidents of criminal damage; two incidents of inconsiderate behaviour; four incidents of ‘lamping’ and also thefts of batteries and diesel.

More police surgeries are to be held when the mobile police station visits the village.

Information on crime prevention and home security will also be available.

Speeding is an on-going concern and police will be using a hand-held radar gun to catch offenders.

Dog fouling and vehicles parking on pavements in Eastville Road were highlighted and action will be taken.

Coun Bee said “Mud on the road”, is a concern. PCSO Miller said measurement of the depth of mud was difficult to prove in court. It was agreed signs should be erected to warn motorists and roads should be brushed regularly.

There had been no interest in the vacancy for Parish Councillor, so co-opting of the post will be advertised on the notice boards.

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, July 25, at 7.15pm at Toynton Village Hall.