Village News: The Toyntons

PARISH COUNCIL - Toynton St Peter Parish council met recently at the village hall.

In the public session, Mr Alan Elliot told the council that he had received notification from ELDC that they would not take any enforcement action, regarding travellers at ‘Smithy’s Yard’ in the village. He also had details of the ‘Gypsy travel assessement’, which identifies areas where travellers and showmen can set up. The clerk, Sarah Knowles, said she hadn’t received any information on this.

The council had been notified that an application for an ECO dwelling at Smithy’s Yard, has gone to appeal, to the secretary of state and a decision is waiting.

A meeting is to be arranged for councillors to discuss highway repairs/road safety issues with Andy Ratcliffe and Greame Butler of LCC Highways department.

The police will shortly be carrying out speeding enforcement in the village.

The councils request for 100 sandbags has been dealt with and the ‘empty’ bags will be delivered shortly. Councillors voted to negotiate with villagers affected by flooding, regarding purchasing the sand to fill the bags.

‘Slow’ road markings are due to be painted on the road at the sharp corner of Main Road/ Eastville Road.

Halton Road is closed to all traffic, following a large Pothole which has a three foot drop - the remedial work will not commence until the weather improves.

PCSO Nigel Miller had contacted the council with several issues: Cannabis smoking in parked cars on New Lane at night; Dog fouling on footpaths, which is under investigation by the ELDC’s dog wardens; and a fire saddle/tack marking session on February 2, at the village hall.

Councillors voted to increase the precept by five per cent, to cover rising expenses.

The Councils bank balance is £3388.04 and the following payments were approved: £316 towards the bus service from the village to Boston on Wednesdays’ £6.50 to LALC for bulk training; £145 for clerk’s salary and £28.50 for clerk’s expenses.

Mike O’Driscoll has resigned as a trustee of the Joseph Clarey Trust.

An advert will be placed on the noticeboard for anyone who would like to apply to be a trustee.

County and district councillor Jim Swanson reported that £6.45 million has been given by the government for pothole repairs.

It is hope the area will receive ‘super-fast’ broadband by 2015.

Discussion took place whether the village is classed as a ‘hamlet’ or a ‘village’. Coun Swanson said it depends on the number of points the village scores for amenities and services.

Coun Swanson said the energy from the waste plant which incinerates refuse is on schedule and he would like householders to think of their black bin as an ‘energy bin’ not a ‘waste bin’.

The council is to contact the landowner on Eastville Road where weeds need attention and the dyke needs clearing out. The owner had promised to do the work by Christmas 2012 but has failed to do so. Ragwort on the field will need spraying in the spring.

The next meeting will take place on March 28.