Village News: The Toyntons

COFFEE AND CAKES - A coffee morning and cake stall will be held on Saturday, October 13 from 10.30am to 11.30am at Toynton All Saints Methodist Chapel.

PARISH COUNCIL - A meeting of Toynton St Peter Parish Council was held on Thursday, September 27 at the village hall.

Coun Jim Gurney said the sandbags, which were given to households to help prevent them from flooding incidents, have ‘busted’ and aren’t much use. The clerk, Mrs Sarah Knowles, said she would contact the Environment Agency regarding this.

Coun Gurney also raised the subject of hay and straw being littered in the drains from passing agricultural vehicles transporting it. He added that if the drains got blocked, it would lead to more flooding problems.

The blue ‘Not suitable for HGVs’ signs, for both ends of New Lane have not been erected yet. The clerk said that Graham Butler from LCC Highways Department is still ‘chasing them’.

Coun Beryl Kale asked if some ‘Please slow down through our village’ signs could be erected. A letter had been received; after the council asked the police to carry out speed checks in the village, a device for vehicle frequency/speed had been used.

The result showed that out of 3,720 vehicles, there was some evidence of speeding, but it would have been deemed not fast enough to prosecute offenders.

It was agreed to ask the Neighbourhood Policing Team if PCSO Phil Pollard could attend a parish council meeting to hear councillors and parishioners’ concerns, especially regarding speeding.

It was reported that Chapel Lane needs urgent pothole repairs and the clerk will contact LCC. A letter from LCC Highways had been received regarding the condition of Church Lane. Work will be carried out to rectify potholes and road edges and there is a view to possibly resurfacing the lane in 2013.

In correspondence, two emails had been received from the Environment Agency, stating that the recent flooding in the village had not been caused by the local East Catchwater Drain, but by surface water. They also sent maps of local rivers/drains.

It was agreed to ask LCC Highways Department to clean out the dyke on Church Lane, the dyke opposite ‘The Arches’ on Eastville Road and at the top of Chapel Lane.

In his report, County and District Councillor Jim Swanson told the meeting that LCC is taking over responsibility for on street parking restrictions, instead of the police

The County Council will start enforcing on street parking restrictions from December 3.

Vehicles breaching the parking restrictions will receive warning notices during the week before the start date to raise motorists’ awareness.

Coun Swanson said ELDC was looking into obtaining more money from their car parks. It did not increase fees last year, but is putting ideas out for consultation, which include: Charging disability badge holders to park; scrapping the one hour free parking at Post Office Lane, Spilsby and also charging for parking on Sundays.

Consultation forms will be sent to parish councils but if they or other parishioners would like ‘to have their say’, they can write to Mr Terry Knowles at ELDC.

Councillors commented that it would not be fair for people who frequently have to visit Spilsby Surgery and park in Post Offices Lane. Some said it discouraged people from shopping in town.

Coun Gurney said it was disgusting to expect people with disabilities to have to pay; they already have to pay £10 for their blue badge. The clerk said that Boston Borough Council already charge disabled drivers to park.

Coun Swanson said that at the Alford and Spilsby Area Commitee meeting it was stated that the routing of cables from the Tritton Knoll plant had not been defined yet but they will be placed underground.

Farmers were worried about damage to drainage grips and feared the soil would possibly ‘heat up’ and leave black marks on the land. People were also worried about magnetism from the cables. The cable will carry direct current and will have to ‘pop-up’ at intervals where substations would be built to change it into alternating current before being changed back to direct current underground again. He said there were still a lot of issues to be sorted out before work can begin.

Coun Mike O’Driscoll said that the weeds on land behind properties on Eastville Road will soon be dealt with. The meeting heard that the land owner had given assurance that it will be done by the end of the year. Coun Swanson said the County Council only usually spray weed killer on ragwort if horses are nearby.

It was reported that work to clean out ditches along New Lane had begun. The next meeting will take place Thursday, November 22, starting with a 15 minute public session at 7.15pm at Toynton Village Hall.