Village News: The Toyntons

EVENING PRAYER - On Sunday, August 12 at 3pm, there will be a service of evening prayer at Toynton St Peter Church.

COUNCIL - Toynton St Peter Parish council met recently at the village hall.

In the public speaking session, Mr Geoff Lee’s asked why the subject of flooding in the village had not been put on the agenda.

The environment agency had said that Lincolnshire County Council was taking over the problems of flooding in the village and would investigate what could be done to alleviate the problems of flooding.

Mr Lees said that previously it had been thought that the drainage pipes in Church Lane were too narrow to take the volume of water during downpours, but no remedial work has been undertaken.

Mrs Sue Ruddlesdin said she was angry about the public being told to leave the meeting held in May, before the clerk’s report.

She felt that everyone in the village had the right to know what was going on. Mrs Ruddlesdin also asked how long the council would keep the recorded tapes of meetings.

Chairman Mike O’Driscoll said that no decision about the length of time had been discussed.

Mr Alan Elliott raised the issue of parishioners who wished to view the parish council accounts having to travel to the clerk’s home, at Wyberton.

He said the council should make them available to view at a venue in the village.

The clerk told the council it is customary for people to view the accounts at the clerk’s home.

Mr Elliot said he would consider hiring a bus to transport villages to view them.

Mr Charles Bee and Ms Beryl Kale were welcomed and congratulated as becoming new councillors at the recent uncontested election.

The council approved to purchase a new dictaphone, at a cost £10.95 and agreed that all subsequent meetings be recorded.

Notes of minutes of the AGM were approved and signed by the chaiman.

The new ‘councillors code of conduct’ was adopted.

In the financial report, the clerk, Mrs Sarah Knowles, said that the council had £3,982.49.

The council’s insurance has been paid, and it was agreed to pay the clerk’s salary and expenses and the cost of the audit.

It was reported that LCC Highways have agreed to erect ‘Unsuitable for HGVs’ signs at both ends of New Lane, by the end of July.

Regarding the council’s request to speed checks in the village, both the police and Road Safety Partnership are aware and will take action when resources allow.

On the subject of flooding, Andy Carrot, of Witham Fourth Internal Drainage Board told the council that his organisation will look into flooding problems incurred at Holland House, on Ings Lane, as it is in their catchment area.

Flooding problems in the Church Lane/Eastville Road have been withdrawn.

Councillors considered an application for the erection of a dwelling at Smithy’s Yard’, Eastville Road, by Mr and Mrs A Elliott.

The proposal is an ‘eco house’, incorpoarating local materials such as straw and lime plaster into its design and generate electricity by a 12 metre high turbine.

Rainwater would be used for the washing machine/ flushing toilet and a ‘bio-cube’ sewage system installed that emits water, that the manufacterer’s say is ‘fit enough to drink’.

Councillors queried the application, as on it, to the question. “Is the site vacant?”, the answer written was, “Yes,” when there were still travellers on the site.

Mr Elliot said there was no problem with the application, because it had been verified by ELDC’s planning dept.

After a great deal of debate, councillors felt that they could not come to a decision and voted to let a ‘higher authority’ (ELDC’s full planning committee) decide.

Coun Jim Gurney said that Church Lane was in a very bad state, with holes all over it, following the recent flooding. The clerk will inform LCC Highways Dept.

New Trustees are needed for the village’s Joseph Clarey Charity and it was agreed to advertise the vacancies in the noticeboards.

District and County Councillor, Mr Jim Swanson, gave councillors a report document on LCC, this will be circulated for councillors to read.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 27, at Toynton Village Hall, starting with a 15 minute public speaking session at 7.15pm.