Village News: The Toyntons

LENT - A special communion service for lent will be held at Toynton St Peter Church on Wednesday, April 4 at 7.30pm.

EASTER - On Easter Sunday, April 8 there will be a service of evening prayer at Toynton St Peter Church at 3pm.

COUNCIL - At the latest meeting of Toynton St Peter Parish Council the chairman Mike O’Driscoll introduced the new clerk, Sarah Knowles, to the public.

In the public session the council was asked if they had received notification about an application for change of use on land adjacent to The Forge, Eastville Road.

Coun Mike O’Driscoll said the council had not, and county and district councillor, Jim Swanson, said that no applications had been received by ELDC at present.

The meeting also heard that land at the rear of some properties on Eastville Road was causing concern. The land had not been ‘turned over’ for five years, causing a weed problem. The drainage ditch also needed cleared.

It was agreed to try to locate the current owner.

Mr Alan Elliott then asked why his wife, Anna, had not received a reply to an email sent to the parish council on February 21.

This was to enquire about hand-delivered leaflets to the eastern end of the village, the cost of producing the leaflets and who authorised hiring of the village hall for the display of plans regarding Circus Mondao’s planning application on December 8.

Coun O’Driscoll said he would look into the matter. The previous clerk, Mrs Elizabeth parkin, had sent a short ‘clerks’ report’.

The precept of £1,800 has been received from ELDC.

The joint ownership of the Sandpits at Watermill Lane, Toynton All Saints, with All Saints Parish Council, has now been confirmed and all documents are in place. Payments for £63 for the hire of the village hall; £73.42 to the previous clerk for wages/expenses; and £96 for the annual subscription to LALC, were all approved.

An application for an agricultural storage building on land off Peasgate Lane has been refused.

Belmont Farms, East Keal, have received approval for variation to the application regarding a slurry pit.

Chairman Mike O’Driscoll has been nominated to speak on behalf of the village, when Circus Mondao’s application for over-wintering quarters at New Lane, is being considered by ELDC planning.

His presentation will be formed from comments made by councillors and parishioners when the application was discussed at a previous meeting.

The new noticeboard, to be erected at the junction of Halton Road/Eastville Road will cost £3907.62, but it is hoped to come out at £7,000 when the VAT is refunded.

The board will be engraved with ‘Diamond Jubilee 2012’ as a lasting tribute.

The council will need to amend their insurance to cover the new noticeboard.

The old board, at the site, will be renovated, and Coun Jim Gurney intends to erect it next to the footpath outside his property as an extra site to display information. Alan Elliott warned that planning permission would be required for this.

The new 30mph in the village is now in force. The Highways Dept have agreed to the council’s request to have ‘unsuitable for HGVs’ signs erected at both ends of New Lane, following a recent incident when an articulated LPG tanker went down the lane due to a ‘sat nav’ malfunction.

A 30mph sign has been erected under the direction arms on the signpost at the junction of Halton Road/Eastville Road. It was thought that this was not visible enough for drivers and the clerk was asked to contact the Highways Dept to find a clearer site for it to be displayed.

The annual parish meeting will be held on Thursday, May 24 at 6.30pm at Toynton Village Hall, followed by the parish council’s AGM.